What makes us different?

Our client's ideas are important to us which is why here at EadsGraphic we make sure to have all of the professional skills necessary to meet the demands of our clients. See why people love us at EadsGraphic!


Our Services

Your Brand Is Everything

Brand Strategy

Developing a core brand strategy is essential for anyone looking to solidify their position in a marketplace. A complete brand strategy is something that will clearly identify your brand. Think of the color red with a white cursive font, and you will most likely associate with the famous Coca Cola brand. As designers, we can help you create a widely recognized brand using the same simple tactics that highly successful brands have been using for years. We will first complete some market research in the target market to get an idea of the customers we are targeting. Upon completion of the market research, we will set you up with a brand identity that includes a logo, recommended brand colors, essential brand fonts, and your new brand identity placed on several mock-ups. We will set our customers up with a consistent brand identity that will serve as an identifier across various physical and digital platforms well into the future.

Bring Your Ideas To Life

Print & Graphic Design

In a world where everything is moving towards digitalization, sometimes it is a nice change of pace to see an eye-catching printed design. Print materials are great for business outings, sports functions, as well as creating lasting relationships. Distributing print materials is an excellent way to engage with people as they offer a tangible product that can take your brand to the next level. From business cards, stationery, and event banners, to game day posters or full locker room vinyl wraps we will design printed materials that will get people talking. Our graphic designers utilize the industry standard Adobe CC suite of products to ensure that we are able to satisfy and meet all of our client’s project requirements.

Solidify Your Online Presence

Web Development

Our in house web designers will deliver clients with a hand built, custom tailored website that will fulfill all of their online needs. We build websites that last, as we stay up to date with all of the latest web technologies to ensure that your site does not become outdated. Mobile friendly websites are essential in today's world which is why we incorporate a flexible grid system in our sites to make sure your website looks great on smartphones and desktops. We are able to deliver cutting edge websites to our clients by using popular content management platforms that allow our clients to easily maintain what we have already built for their company. This allows clients to spend more time on what really matters and less time worrying about the technicalities of their website. Let our team help you drive web traffic and sales to your new business!

Tired Of Being Anti-Social?

Social Media Marketing

In today's day and age a strong social media presence means the world. Understanding its uses and the ability to harness its power will set you and your organization apart from all of your competition. You have all been witnesses to that one funny video that went viral, or that one picture that got retweeted by a celebrity. What if next time that could be you? At EadsGraphic we will design unique and engaging social media campaigns and profiles that generate positive buzz around you, your brand, or your organization.

Put Hollywood In Your Hands

Video Post Production

Tired of watching the same old, boring homemade videos? Look no more, as EadsGraphic has an in-house video editing team that will make you second guess whether or not that video was filmed in Hollywood or your backyard. Our team utilizes professional grade video editing software to deliver cinematic quality footage back to our clients. This is the perfect service for athletes looking to create highlight tapes for recruiters, families returning home from vacation, or even realtors looking to showcase that new property that just hit the market.

Make Apps That Rock

UI/UX Design

When it comes to mobile and web applications, the user is always the one who determines your success. Let us help your development team design applications that put the user first and ensure that your app is successful. UX Design is focused on user experience and UI design is focused on the interface users utilize we have professional UI/UX designers on our team that has worked on several large mobile and desktop applications. Our designers will work closely with the developer to ensure a seamless transition between designs and code.